Our Classes

Aside from providing subject area expertise in the sciences, literature and the arts, the teachers at
Pierian Springs enable students to meet with their peers and engage in dynamic and important
discussions and projects. Similar to institutions of higher learning and continuing education programs,
students at Pierian Springs can take as little as one class or as many as five full days of classes. We
offer college prep and AP level courses.  

The class time is usually used for discussions, lectures and activities. Science classes sometimes add
additional times for labs. Tests are typically take home and on the honor system. Exams are proctored
for those following our accreditation program.  We offer a student lounge for students who wish to study,
relax, or have a snack and continue an academic discussion.

Competitions, performance opportunities and internship/mentorships within the business community
are embedded in the program day. Students choose from an array of options that nourish critical and
creative thinking. Our fine arts students perform at various venues in the area.   Currently Pierian Springs
students are competing in Science Olympiad, Leg Robotics, and Team America Rocket Competition.  
We also offer a choice of clubs and other extracurricular activities.  
Our Philosophy

Our purpose at Pierian Springs is to  enrich the learning goals
of all students by providing secular individualized, creative, and intellectually challenging classes.  We offer core academics, discussion based electives, and the visual and performing arts. With a strong belief that students learn best when they are given responsibility and control over their own education, Pierian Springs offers an informal school environment which stresses the pursuit of academic excellence amidst teachers and students who value diversity, creative thinking, and personal discovery
Our Parents

We believe that the parent is the primary director of their student’s education. Pierian Springs offers the opportunity for
parents to provide their children with extra-curricular activities, thought-provoking electives and subject matter experts
to make the school experience more rewarding.  It is vital that the student is responsible and respectful of the school,
teachers and other students. We believe that from freedom comes responsibility. As Thomas Paine once said, “a
government is best which governs least, because its people will discipline themselves.” Much like a college, our aim
is to allow teachers to educate and students to learn. We do not have a principal and are not interested in policing or
disciplining students.

We encourage our parents to become active participants in the school and provide many opportunities for them to
contribute their talents to support their student and the school.
Our Students

We welcome and encourage a diversity of students. One of our goals is to provide an atmosphere
which not only allows each student freedom to cultivate his own personal strengths, but also
fosters the development of broad minded and free thinking individuals who live in a world where
there exists different races, faiths and political views. Students at Pierian Springs tend to be
considerate, broad minded and non-judgmental

Our students are actively involved in their studies.  They perform independent research, complete
self-directed projects based on a variety of resources and use multimedia resources to present
their projects. They read and analyze diverse written material, make written or oral presentations
utilizing multiple technologies.  

Our students assume increasing responsibility for their learning, giving them more motivation and
an increased sense of accomplishment, setting the pattern for them to become successful
life-long learners. The faculty in turn becomes resources, tutors, and evaluators, guiding the
students in their problem solving efforts.  The curriculum stresses real life challenges that require
problem solving skills, critical and creative thinking ability, self-directed learning strategies, and
team participation skills.
About Pierian Springs
Our Schedule

As a nontraditional school, Pierian Springs operates on a schedule similar to institutions of higher learning in order to provide our students with as much flexibility as
possible.  This allows many of our students to follow their passions while completing a rigorous college prep curriculum.   Many of our students are aspiring
professional actors, athletes that compete at the state and national levels, accomplished pianists, joint enrolled college students or students pursuing other interests
that require deviations from the normal school schedule.

Our school year consists of 2 semesters plus 2 mini-sessions.  The mini-sessions allow students to participate in large project based activities or delve more deeply
into an academic or enrichment activities.  Examples could include:  Field work in Environment Science including a trip to coastal Georgia, a full time internship for high
school students, touring a dramatic production, a large scale community service project and other activities based on student interest.